Well done to 5th & 6th Clss girls who took part in Bank Of Ireland #Bizworld initiative, Excellent presentations & “bizbuck” investments secured.

BizWorld Ireland is partnering with schools throughout the country to deliver tailored enterprise workshops for 10- to 13-year-olds.

Instilling an entrepreneurial spirit in children from a young age, and developing their awareness of financial management, means they are equipped to become financially responsible members of society. Because BizWorld Ireland workshops are delivered in fun and creative ways, they also make children excited at the prospect of maybe one day establishing their own business.

Education in the past was geared towards giving young people the skills and knowledge necessary to get a job. At BizWorld Ireland, we aim to provide children with the tools and inspiration to someday become employers themselves.

The skills children develop in BizWorld Ireland workshops are the most sought-after skills in the workforce today: creativity, collaboration, communication, teamwork, negotiation.