Home School Community Liaison – HSCL

“The underlying policy of the Home School Community Liaison (HSCL) Scheme is one that seeks to promote partnership between parents and teachers. The purpose of this partnership is to enhance pupils’ learning opportunities and to promote their retention in the education system. In addition, the HSCL Scheme places great emphasis on collaboration with the local community. The HSCL Scheme is the pioneer in involving the school in the life of the community and involving the community and its agencies in the life of the school.”

The Scheme:

  • Focuses directly on the significant adults in children’s lives and seeks direct benefits for the children themselves.
  • Works in an enabling way with parents to develop their capacity as a key resource in their children’s learning.
  • Develops the pupil-parent-teacher relationship, so that school becomes a place where all young people can reach their potential.
  • Identifies and provides for the personal, leisure and learning needs of parents, so as to promote their self-worth and self-confidence, which will have a positive impact on their children’s education.
  • Becomes familiar with attendance patterns, in order to maximize student attendance, participation and retention.
  • Works in a supportive and purposeful way with parents and facilitates communication with class teacher, tutor, principal, and school management, when required.
  • Promotes positive teacher and staff attitudes towards partnership-working and adopting a whole-school approach to attendance participation and retention.

The HSCL coordinator in our school is currently Aoife Percy. The post is shared with St. Colmcille’s PS in the town, so she spends her time between the two schools, If you need to contact Aoife, you can call or text 087-1622575 during school hours.