St Joseph’s Enrolment Policy is set out in accordance with the provisions of the Education Act 1998, the Education (Admission to Schools) Act 2018 and Equal Status Act 2000.  The Board of Management trusts that by so doing parents will be assisted in relation to enrolment matters.

The school recognises the central role of the family as the primary educator of the child.  The school also accepts and supports the constitutional rights and duty of the parents to provide for the religious, moral, intellectual, physical and social education of their children. The school aims to provide the best possible environment to cater for the cultural, educational, moral, physical, religious, social, linguistic and spiritual values and traditions of all its students, with the resources available to us.  The focus of the school philosophy is the education of the whole child to reach his/her full potential. We show special concern for the disadvantaged respecting the dignity and uniqueness of each person.  Conscious of the legacy of Catherine McAuley our school upholds the values and principles of a Christian education in the Catholic tradition.  Working together as a school community, the Board of Management, Principal, staff, parents and pupils will strive to provide an environment, which will allow all students to develop to their maximum potential and fulfil their role in society

Application for Admission

Application for enrolment in the school is made by completing the School’s Enrolment Application Form, and returning it to the School Office.

All offers of enrolment are subject to acceptance of the School’s Code of Behaviour.

A baptismal certificate (where applicable) must also be forwarded to the school with the completed Registration form.

Enrolment Application Forms for the next school year are available during the months of January to March. The last date for return of completed Enrolment Application Forms is 21 days from the date of issue.

Upon receipt of afore mentioned School Enrolment Application Form, an Enrolment Registration Pack complete with Enrolment & Admissions Policy, Enrolment registration form, Privacy Notice, Acceptable User Policy and consent forms will issue in due course. The enrolment registration form will be used to obtain the following:

  • Primary Online Database (mandatory information for Dept)
  • Special Educational Needs information
  • PPSN
  • Emergency contact details
  • Medical details
  • Baptismal Certificates (if baptised outside the parish)
  • Information of previous school(s) attended
  • Guardianship/custody/access arrangements (please refer to the guardianship information sheet that can be found in the resources section of
  • Other information sought by the school

Parents/guardians will be informed of their child’s acceptance or refusal within 21 days of the closing date for receipt of completed enrolment registration form.

The school makes provision for late applications.