St. Joseph’s Primary School Vision is to be a welcoming and supporting community where children experience inclusive and empowering learning and where faith is inspired by our Catholic ethos, remaining true to the values of the Sisters of Mercy whose legacy lives on in our school.  In the spirit of diversity, we also give due recognition to children of other faiths or no faith.

As a school community we aspire to create a climate of physical, emotional, social and intellectual safety for all so that teaching and learning can occur with mutual value and respect and a shared sense of purpose.

We endeavour to help and enable each child to live a full life as a child, to reach their full potential, to relate to and be aware of others and the environment and to meet with the challenges of living in a global society.

As we strive to ensure that the voice of every child is heard in our school, we instil kindness, confidence, respect and tolerance. The values of truth, justice and compassion are modelled, promoted and celebrated.

We work in partnership with the Board of Management, Staff, Parents and the wider community.

Mol an Óige agus tiocfaidh sí.