Senior Infants visit the Fire Station

On Monday morning, the 23rd of May, Ms. Groome and Ms. Kelly’s Senior Infants went to visit Templemore fire station. We had a wonderful morning.

Firstly, firefighters Adam and Jimmy showed us upstairs to their classroom. We got a sheet with a kitchen scene and we had to point out all the dangerous things. When we had finished the sheet, we watched a cartoon about the importance of having a fire exit plan at home.

Next, it was time to see some of the protective clothing that the firefighters wear so we went down stairs to their changing room, where we even got to try some on! They were a bit too big for us though!! Firefighter Adam showed us the breathing mask he wears when he has to go into a fire. We also saw the gym where they work out!!

After all that, we saw the fire engine and got to sit inside it and we even got to shoot some water out of the big heavy fire hose. We each had turns trying to knock a water bottle off a traffic cone. Joshua even managed to wet Adam, by accident of course!

To end our tour firefighter Adam asked us all back upstairs where we got lots of yummy treats for being so good. We had a wonderful time at the fire station.

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