We made some Origami frogs and spring Bonnets ! 





Easter Liturgies

3rd & 4th Class


We acted out the Way of the Cross in the Halla for all the school pupils, and some parents.

This play reminds us of the suffering of Jesus in the lead up to Easter.

We learned that Jesus carried the Cross up the hill of Calvery before being crucified on the Cross.

Jesus`body was then placed in the tomb.

After three days he rose from the dead.

This happened on Easter Sunday.











 Fourth Class displaying samples of Paper Weaving



St Brigid`s Day 2013

On St Brigid`s Day we were kindly invited to the McCauley Centre, Templemore where a Weaving Workshop was taking Place.

We were shown how to weave St Brigid`s Crosses using rushes.

We had a really great time there and everyone was allowed take home their own St Brigid`s Cross.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy: